Inauguration of the water schemes in Fiche and Gebre Guracha, Oromia

On 25 May 2019 we inaugurated the water schemes in Fiche and Gebre Guracha, Oromia at the presence of the State Minister of the Ministry for Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia, Dr. Negash, and of the Vice-President of Oromia Region, Dr. Ahmad Tusa.

The realization of the water schemes is one of the outcomes of the bilateral program “Support to the WaSH sector in urban areas”, co-finances by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the French Development Agency and the European Investment Bank. The program aims to improve the access to safe water small and medium towns of Ethiopia with 2000 up to 10000 inhabitants for the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures and donations for capacity-building activities at both federal level and at the level of the Town Water Supply Offices.

The program continues and finances other 45 Town Water Supply Offices reaching a total of 1.200.000 beneficiaries in Ethiopia.

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