AICS Addis Abeba’s WASH Energy & Environment sector contributes to the COVID-19 fight

AICS Addis Abeba’s WASH Energy & Environment sector redirected 20,000 EUR to the fight of COVID-19 in Ethiopia.

Every little contribution counts!

With the AICS AA funds, the Water Development Commission of the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE), procured, distributed, and installed:

  • 2 immersion pumps, pipes, and fittings for the quarantine centres in different regions of the country, focusing on borders areas, particularly interested by returnees inflow.
  • 100 stands for the public handwashing points equipped with 1,000 litres tanks. The handwashing points have been installed in two of the most affected Addis Abeba’s neighbourhoods, Addis Ketema and Lideta, characterized by a very high-density population and hosting different high-risk places for community spread such as markets and bus stations.
  • Hand sanitizers, and alcohol-based disinfectants for the MoWIE personnel.

The interventions are complementary to the wider MoWIE strategy for the COVID-19 emergency response which, thanks to the support of multiple donors, including AICS Addis Abeba, has set up numerous quarantine centres in the whole country to host people entering the country. In coordination with the respective Regional Water Bureaus, MoWIE procured, distributed, and installed the necessary material to rehabilitate, extend or build functioning water schemes, guaranteeing higher hygiene standards in the centres.

The intervention implemented in the capital city of Addis Abeba contributes to the massive awareness campaign on topics such as social distancing and the importance of carrying on correct hygiene practices, it supports the installation of public handwashing facilities, focusing on high population density areas, and therefore it helps to prevent the spread of the virus.

None is safe until everyone is safe!

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