AICS Addis Abeba together with Arba Minch Correctional Institution for COVID-19 prevention

Personal Protective Equipment for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 has been delivered to Arba Minch Correctional Institution, thanks to the redirect of 12,800 Euro from existing resources by the Italian Government.

Disposable and fabric reusable masks, hand sanitizers, surface disinfecting detergent for common areas, infrared thermometers for the clinic, gloves, soaps, and sanitary pads are now available to inmates (972 men and 34 women with children), as well as to the 196 workers and 46 teachers.

1,248 people can then now protect themselves properly and follow all the prevention measures in place.

Arba Minch Correctional Institution is supported through the Women’s Economic Empowerment and Social integration (WEESI) project since 2016. WEESI project, funded by the Italian Government, has seen the rehabilitation of the female section and the construction of new showers and latrines in order to improve the living conditions of women inmates. Moreover, it has benefitted from actions aimed at promoting income-generating activities, access to financial services and creation of sustainable market linkages through two different initiatives of the Ethiopian government and the CSO CIAI.

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