SHILL Project Results’ Restitution from Amhara and SNNP Regions

In February 2017, the Republic of Italy and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia signed a technical agreement, entered into force in April 2018, to strengthen health infrastructure at the local level in different regions of the country.

A 5-Million-euro Soft Loan was committed by the Italian Cooperation, out of which 3 Million euro have already been disbursed. AICS, through its local office in Addis Abeba, provides technical assistance, monitoring, and evaluation.

The implementation of the “Strengthening Health Infrastructure at Local Level” (SHILL) Project started in September 2018 and it includes three areas of interventions:

  1. Provision of pure and potable water to selected health centers in Amhara and SNNP Regions, including either construction or rehabilitation of the centers’ water scheme.
  2. Construction or rehabilitation of selected health centers' drug warehouses in Amhara region.
  3. Implementation of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in selected hospitals of Addis Ababa.

In March 2020, AICS Addis Abeba monitored the activities’ status of the first area of intervention both in Amhara and SNNP Regions.

In Amhara Region, 27 health facilities have been prioritized with a 923,865.00-euro overall budget:

  • 14 health facilities completed the construction for water supply and wastewater management;
  • 12 health facilities are at various stages of construction;
  • 1 health facility has not yet started the construction.

In SNNP Region, 20 health facilities have been prioritized with an 860,135.00-euro overall budget:

  • 11 health facilities completed the construction work for the provision of safe water.
  • 7 health facilities at various stages including supplementary work.
  • 2 health facilities have not yet started the construction.

Watch the AICS monitoring mission’s video to discover the locations of the health centers in the two regions, and which additional development started with some communities thanks to the provision of safe water!

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