Ethiopia • CSO projects

Promossi Projects 

Projects selected following the yearly publication of "CSO Call" by AICS Headquarters, implemented by Italian CSO in Ethiopia and managed by AICS Headquarters.

  • “Universal and Equitable Access to quality Health Services Able to Satisfy the Health Needs of Women and Children of the Liben Zone” – CSO CCM

The general objective is contributing to the promotion of the health and well-being of Filtu and Dekasuftu population, in the area of Primary Health Care. In particular, the initiative aims at improving access to integrated maternal and child health and reproductive health services for women and children in the districts of Filtu and Dekasuftu, in order to make these services universal and fair. AICS contribution is 1,304,324.49 euros.

  • “Strengthening the Education Sector in the Ethiopian Liben Zone Somali Regional State” – CSO CISP

The initiative aims at improving the education services in Filtu and Hudet. In line with the Ethiopian national strategic plans, the specific objective is to expand the use and enhance the quality of education services, with particular reference to gender topics. AICS contribution is 971,757.66 euros.

  • “Amhara Trachoma Elimination Program (ATEP)” – CSO CBM

The General Objective is to eliminate Trachoma in Ethiopia, in accordance with the GET 2020 National Plan (FMoHEthiopia / WHO), by 2020. Specifically, ATEP will aim at reducing the prevalence of Trachoma by applying the SAFE approach (designed by WHO), with particular attention to women, children, and people with disabilities, in the districts of Woreilu, Jamma, and Legheida, in the Amhara Region. AICS contribution is 1.342. 534 euros.


The general objective is to improve the healthcare for young people in the most migration prone areas of the Tigray Region, Ethiopia. Specifically, the action aims at improving quality and increase young people's access to sexual and reproductive health services and psychosocial support, through strengthening local health and civil society authorities. AICS contribution is 1,425,525.00 euros.

  • “100% Plastic” – CSO CIFA

The aim of the project is to reduce environmental pollution in Ethiopia, through the start-up of segregated plastic collection, to be used for recycling, in Awassa town. AICS contribution to the initiative is of 962.380,50 euros.

  • “My Roots” – CSO CIFA

“My Roots” aims at reducing irregular migration from Ethiopia to third countries. This result will be achieved by improving the socio-economic and health conditions of potential migrants and raise awareness about the risks related to irregular migration in the Woreda of Ambassel, Tehuledere, and Worebabo, in South Wollo area. AICS contribution is 1,101,824.25 euros.


MEQSS aims at improving equity and quality of maternal and child services (including nutrition services) and HIV prevention and control, through strengthening the communities’ capacities of Gambella Region and the technical requalification of local health workers. AICS funds MEQSS with 1,500,000.00 euros.

  • “Newborn Survival Project (NSP)” – CSO CUAMM

The initiative will target the following objectives: 1) Healthy life and promotion of well-being for all at all ages guaranteed; 2 Mortality of infants and children under 5 years reduced, with the aim of reducing especially neonatal mortality; 3) Gender inequalities reduced; 3) Effects of extreme poverty mitigated. NSP is carried out in Addis Ababa and Oromia Region. AICS contribution: 1,800,000.00 euros.

  • “S.M.A.R.T - Sanitation Marketing, Agriculture, Rural development and Transformation” – CSO AMREF

SMART is implemented in Gambella Region. It aims at: 1) Providing water and adequate hygienic-sanitary conditions, through sustainable resource management; 2) Ending hunger, achieving food security and ensuring adequate nourishment, promoting sustainable agriculture; 3) Promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, promoting full and productive employment and decent job agenda. AICS contribution: 1,799,148.05 euros.

  • “Busajo Campus” – CSO BUSAJO

Busajo Campus is a social and educational project targeting children, girls, boys, and the entire community of Soddo city (Ethiopia) and surrounding rural areas. The project tackles the poor health and socio-educational conditions of youngsters, mostly affected by crime and prostitution. The initiative will promote children's rights, gender equality, and disabled/vulnerable people's protection. AICS contribution is 260,000.00 euros.

  • “Seed of future – Integrated Intervention to Fight Malnutrition” – CSO CEFA

In Ameya, Goro, Seden Sodo e Wolisso Zuria Woredas, in Ethiopia, the project partners have carried out different assessments on the needs of target communities, identifying the three areas of action that constitute the three axes and the results of the “Seeds of Future” project: the agricultural sector and the improvement of production at the community level and with the women groups (association and cooperatives); the protection sector, with support and psycho-social assistance to families, women and children at risk of malnutrition; the health sector, with sensitization at a grassroots level and improvement of malnutrition treatment. The project will be able to operate directly in 50 kebeles (for a total of 213,063 beneficiaries) and with different target groups: the agricultural activities will benefit 8,275 farmers and technicians and 300 women from 15 cooperatives; the protection actions will work directly with 150 families and 838 women, 24 schools, 90 teachers and 2,160 community members; in the health sector, 2 nutritional rehabilitation units will be supported at the St. Luke private-not-for-profit Hospital in Wolisso and at the Ameya District Hospital, along with 20 health centres and 22 rural health posts offering Nutrition services to the population of the 4 woreda target: 262,466 people, in particular 43,044 children under 5 years and 9,711 pregnant women. AICS contribution is 1.800.000 euros.

  • “The First 1000 Days. Ensure Access to Quality Health Services for Mothers and Children in the South Omo Zone” – CSO CUAMM

With the aim of reducing maternal, neonatal, and infant mortality, particularly related to malnutrition in the South Omo Zone, the project focuses on 2 key health facilities: Jinka Hospital, which despite being the Zonal referral hospital only provides services for the population of Jinka Town and 3 surrounding woreda; and Turmi Health Centre, located in Hamer woreda and providing services for the population of 3 woreda in the south of the South Omo Zone. AICS contribution amounts 1.800.000,00 euros.


The project is implemented in SNNP and Amhara Region. It aims at making an important contribution to the basic services through: 1) ensuring access to clean water to 10% of the population, through 103 new facilities and the reactivation of 100 others; 2) launching a campaign, with the Community Health Workers, to promote the use of latrines aiming at improving Sanitation coverage by 20%; 3) providing clean water to 30 schools and adequate sanitation for 10 others; 4) promoting a pro-active role of the communities. WASH-UP will ensure the sustainability of water structures by strengthening the ability of communities to manage them, training 1,211 members of Management Committees, 406 technicians, and 18 local craftsmen for extraordinary maintenance. AICS contribution: 1.693.870,57 euros.

Affidati Projects 

Projects selected following the launch of calls for proposals by AICS Addis Ababa, implemented by Italian CSO in Ethiopia and managed by this Office.

  • “Integrated Project for an Improved Access to Basic Services and the Valorization of Environmental Resources of Wonchi” – CSO COOPI

The project improves the living conditions of Haro-Wonchi population, through strengthening basic services (water and hygiene) and sustainably enhancing natural resources management with improved Eco-Responsible Tourism services. Specifically, the initiative aims at improving health and hygiene conditions, access to basic services, and the economic opportunities for the local population, enhancing the sustainable use of Wonchi's natural resources. AICS provides 850,000.00 euros to the activities.

  • “100% ENVIRONMENT AND COMMUNITIES: waste recovery and communities awareness raising for the protection of Kebena river in Addis” - CSO Centro Internazionale per l'Infanzia e la Famiglia (CIFA)

The project contributes to the improvement of the environmental, living, and health conditions of Addis Ababa residents through the promotion of an integrated and sustainable approach to urban natural resources, correct management of solid waste, and the importance of environmental protection. In particular, it aims to: 1) increase environmental awareness and sensitivity by local communities, children in primary schools and their families; 2) improve value chain aspects of plastic waste management in the project area; and 3) improve the access to sanitation and hygiene facilities for the resident communities. The project is part of the “River side development project in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia” initiative, and AICS funds it with 200,000.00 euros.

  • “Capacity building and job creation for youth and women in the textile sector in migration prone areas of the FDR of Ethiopia” – 1st slot VIS and 2nd Slot CVM

The main goal of the project is to support the Ethiopian Government in creating decent and productive work opportunities, for young women and men, through the development of technical, managerial, and institutional skills, in the textile and clothing industry. On one hand, VIS CSO carries out activities in the textile sector in the Tigray Region, with an AICS funding of 549,998.78 Euros. CVM CSO, on the other hand, implements activities in the city of Addis Ababa, in the leather processing sector, with an AICS contribution of 219,868.80 euros.

  • “Strengthening community awareness and the effectiveness of health institutions on civil registrations for children’s right to identity (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, CRVS)” initiative – CSO Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia (CIAI) in partnership with Comitato Collaborazione Medica (CCM), and Medici con l'Africa CUAMM

The project’s objective is to ensure the right of minors to identity through interventions aimed at reaching the most isolated and disadvantaged communities in Oromia Region. In particular, the project aims to increase awareness about the importance of birth registration and to strengthen the links between the national registration system and the health sector. The project is a specific component of the “Project to Strengthen the Civil Registration System for the Children’s Right to Identity: Identification for Development (ID) – Phase II” implemented by UNICEF. The CSOs project is funded by AICS with 826,000.00 euros.