Closing ceremony of the Post Graduate Programme of Addis Ababa University

Today took place the closing ceremony of the Italian Contribution to the “Post Graduate Programme of Addis Ababa University under the Education Sector Development Programme (ESDP)”.

This initiative is the result of a long collaboration between Ethiopia and Italy with the objective to support Addis Ababa and Haramaya Universities on key topics in line with the country development needs.

The project operated within the framework of the ‘Higher Education Capacity Building Program (HECBP) ESDP II” initiated by the Ethiopian government to strength and expand the post graduate programs of selected departments of the two universities. In Addis Ababa University, the faculties involved were Archeology, Earth Science, Veterinary science, Social Science, College of Business and Economics.

Improving the quality of curricula, by increasing the production of qualified PHD and the quality of workshop and equipment was one of the objectives that the initiative reached in these years. The project could establish, as an example, the first Ethiopian PHD curricula in Archeology and Heritage Management.

Teamwork has been an essential part of this project, through exchanges, partnerships, training sessions, and organisation of workshops and field missions in collaboration with the Universities of Padova, Napoli, Ferrara and Sassari.

Important results of this initiative include also the introduction of a practical learning approach that allowed students and teachers to go to the field and learn a deeper understanding of various concepts. Geology students, for example, collected rock samples in different parts of Ethiopia, using GPS system, putting them in connection with the intrinsic practical approach of science.

Finally, the project also supported Ethiopian Universities in a material way, through provision of laboratory and offices equipment, vehicles, facilitation of scholarships for masters and PHD.

“Through this project we confirm the engagement of AICS in improving the quality of education, that has always been one of the priority sectors of intervention of our development cooperation. We are proud of the achievements of this initiative, that demonstrates that cultural exchange in knowledge brings to successful results”, concluded Isabella Lucaferri, Director of the Italian Agency for Development of Cooperation in Addis Ababa.

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