Setting up an online learning system for technical and vocational education and training

Innovation is one of the tools to make education more accessible and usable, especially in remote areas of some countries. This is why the Italian Cooperation is investing in Ethiopia in innovative education, vocational training and, consequently, in people’s future.

As part of an 18-month training course, AICS Addis Ababa has in fact started to help improve the content of a platform of the Ethiopian Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, making it more accessible also to vocational training institutions in the country.

The e-learning platform supports training and the exchange of materials, information and contacts between students and teachers.

Within the system, there is also a section dedicated entirely to teachers where they can practise the functions of the platform and transfer their knowledge to others as well as create exercises and training modules to be offered to students.

The training, which is still ongoing, involved around 60 teachers from the agri-food sector in 6 technical and vocational trainings. AICS organised five in-person sessions and every two weeks meets online with the teachers involved. In addition, given the importance of keeping everyone involved, a Telegram group, a widely used messaging channel in the country, has been set up for discussion. As soon as possible, the teachers will also involve their students to follow the online courses.

To make it easier for everyone to use the system, the platform has also been made usable from mobile phones.

This initiative is part of the Vocational Training for Agribusiness project in Ethiopia.

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