Djibouti • initiatives

The priorities of the Italian Cooperation in Djibouti are mainly humanitarian, with the provision of basic health services and the protection of the most vulnerable part of the population as key sectors of intervention.

Italy is present in the Country since 1980, focusing on professional trainings as well as management and expansion of the health services provided by Balbala’ Hospital, which is today the reference health centre of one of the poorest areas of Djibouti city. The initiative entailed a considerable investment over three years (about 20 MEUR), leading to a significant improvement in the provision of basic health services. Moreover, Italy participates in the debt conversion and restructuring initiative in favor of the Republic of Djibouti.

In order to tackle the issues concerning the operation and efficiency of the health services of the Balbala’ Hospital in a systematic and integrated manner, Italy finances the initiative “Improvement of the quality of the health services of the Balbala Hospital” with a specific focus on maternal and child health, as a continuation of the project “New Hospital Balbala’” with a view to ensuring the improvement of the quality of the services offered by the hospital.  Furthermore, through the initiative “Strengthening Child Protection Systems for Children on the Move in Djibouti”, the objective of the initiative is achieved through advocacy activities aimed to strengthen the legal and policy framework in support of minors on the move and other vulnerable minors. In addition, priority is given to the training of workers in the social as well as and minor protection sector, and to the setup of an improved system of traceability and referral of minors on the move.

The beneficiaries of the initiative are migrant minors en route from the Gulf States and Europe and unaccompanied minors and street kids.


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