South Sudan • initiatives

The priorities of the Italian Cooperation in South Sudan continue to be of humanitarian nature, with the provision of basic health and nutrition services, and the protection of the most vulnerable part of the population, as key sectors of intervention. The approach used so far, which answers short term emergency needs, laid the foundation for more structured interventions and – as far as possible – aimed to provide sustainability. The strengthening of management capacities and empowerment of local and sectoral authorities, thanks to multiyear interventions, follows this direction.

In this context, beside the 8 projects promoted by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to AICS’ Headquarters and managed by the latter together with the this Office, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Addis Ababa Office is committed to providing regional responses to the humanitarian crisis in the Country, promoting initiatives to help internal IDPs and South Sudanese refugees in the neighboring countries (Ethiopia, Uganda). In detail, through 3 Bilateral Emergency Programs, 16 projects implemented by CSOs have been financed (6 in South Sudan, 6 in the north of Uganda, and 4 in Ethiopia) totaling approximately 10 million Euros, and more funds will be made available. In support to the humanitarian activities carried out by Italian CSO in the country, this Agency is also involved in the construction of infrastructures to be used as warehouse/outpatients’ department in the multipurpose centre in Usratuna, Juba, currently managed by the CSO OVCI. Many initiatives aimed to fight hunger and severe food insecurity have been financed for implementation by multilateral agencies (UNICEF, 1 million Euro), with a focus on primary and secondary school students in specific areas (WFP, 1 million Euro).