civil society organizations (csos)

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation - Addis Ababa Office (AICS) also implements cooperation activities in partnership with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). All CSOs registered under the “AICS List of No-Profit Organizations” are eligible to obtain funds from this Agency. However, in order to be allowed to operate within the country, CSOs must be registered at the Ethiopian CSO Agency.

CSOs can submit original projects to AICS’ Headquarters through the yearly call for CSOs or apply for public calls for proposals launched by AICS Addis Ababa.

Italian CSOs are active in all the 8 Ethiopian Regional States, in the capital Addis Ababa, and in 7 Regional States in South Sudan, including the capital, Juba.

Thanks to these initiatives, both in Ethiopia and South Sudan, CSOs provide health and WaSH services, help agro-industrial development, foster the education sector, address crisis and root causes of irregular migration, enhance gender equality and child protection.

Finally, the Ethio-Italian Cooperation Framework 2017-2019 acknowledges the key role that CSOs play in strengthening the close relations between Italy and Ethiopia. Their involvement is particularly encouraged with a view to ensuring that the financial resources available are used in an efficient manner and the activities carried out sustainably.

A list of projects financed by AICS and currently implemented by CSOs in Ethiopia and South Sudan is available at the following links: Ethiopia, South Sudan.

Below a list of CSOs this Office collaborates with.

CSOs in Ethiopia

CSOs South Sudan

CSOs Uganda