AICS monitoring mission in Djibouti

Last week the team of the Italian Agency Development Cooperation – Addis Ababa Office travelled to Djibouti to monitor the activities and achievements of two projects:

Improvement of the quality of the health services of the Balbala Hospital, with a specific focus on maternal and child health implemented by UNFPA Djibouti. The project aims at strengthening the quality of the maternal and child health clinical services in the New Balbalà Hospital through the improvement of the quality and management of healthcare delivery and a technical support for the provision and maintenance of health equipment for the pediatric and maternity ward.
Towards the conclusion of the project, the following objectives have been achieved: (i) Improved quality of health performance in the pediatric and maternity wards through training sessions and capacity building; (ii) Enhanced capacity building process on healthcare management at central level and in each ward thanks to the creation of a dedicated unit; (iii) Enhanced provision of medical equipment for the pediatric and maternity wards, among which 2 incubators have been helping preterm newborn infants to survive.

Strengthening Child Protection Systems for Children on the Move in Djibouti with funding made available to UNICEF Djibouti. In the first year of implementation, the legal and policy framework in support of minors on the move and other vulnerable minors has been strengthened together with the capacity to respond to and prevent child exploitation and abuse. A coordination, referral and case management system has been created, with the involvement of line Ministries, integrating all actors involved to improve the support to abused or exploited children. Two bylaws on alternative measures to detention and legal aid for children in contact with the law, have been adopted by the Ministry of Justice of Djibouti and high quality trainings for social workers, police and Gendarmerie have been provided.

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