AICS Addis Ababa hosted the course “Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Cooperation Projects”

From 23rd to 27th September 2019 we hosted the course "Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Cooperation Projects" organized by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and ENEA, in collaboration with Human Foundation.

The course is one of the several workshops organized at the premises of AICS’ field offices with the aim of:

  • Setting up a platform for stakeholders working in the field of energy in the countries where the course is held;
  • Raising awareness of the most efficient technologies in the use of renewable sources and promoting their use;
  • Promoting the adoption of policies supporting the use of renewable energies; private sector investments in the production and distribution of energy; access to clean and renewable energies.

A session on the impact investing approach was held by Human Foundation with a view to promoting its adoption in the implementation of projects linked to renewable energies.

Furthermore, AICS Addis Ababa presented the project “Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihood” (DRSLP) implemented in the Afar Region. Four solar-powered mini grids will be shortly developed in the framework of the DRSLP project to supply power to the centres for the transformation and conservation of animal products value chain, thus guaranteeing income opportunities for the pastoral communities and financial viability of the solar panel plants.

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